To encourage, promote and stimulate contemporary Inuit and First Nations artists, and all artists engaged in Fine Crafts; and to foster their sustainable development.


To promote the appreciation of such arts and crafts and to increase the public’s awareness, recognition and knowledge of same.


To maintain and further develop the permanent collection of Inuit, First Nations art and Fine Crafts for educational purposes.

 who we are 

La Guilde, historical gallery and museum institution of Canadian art, has been preserving, promoting and encouraging fine crafts for more than one hundred years. 


Specializing in Inuit and First Nations art, La Guilde is a non-profit organization that is comprised of a permanent collection, one of the most influential in Canada, historically and culturally rich archives, an educational program with a broad outreach, and a gallery which draws together works by renowned and emerging artists.


Situated in downtown Montreal, La Guilde's Gallery offers all of its customers high quality contemporary art.

our founders


Portrait of Martha May Phillips

II-140198.1, Photographie , Mlle Phillips, Montreal, QC, 1901
© McCord Museum.

Portrait of Alice J. Peck

II-103449, Photographie, Mme James Peck, Wm. Notman & Sons, Montreal, 1894.  

© McCord Museum.


 board of directors 

Constance V. Pathy



Alain Fournier



Natalie Kramar

Honorary Treasurer


Dixi Chorlton



Erin O'Brien


Jonathan Plens


Britta Johanna Echtle


Philippe Cannon


Nathalie Bélanger


Stephen Dupuis



Michelle Joannette

Executive Director

Lassena Coulibaly

Management Assistant (collection/administration)

Karine Gaucher

Programming & Communications Director

Genevieve Duval

Programming & Communications Coordinator

Charlotte Racine

Gallery Director

Remo Javier Castillo

Handling and Facilities Manager / Gallery Assistant

Marie-Hélène Naud

Gallery and Exhibitions Assistant / Education

Camille Lalonde

Gallery and Exhibitions Assistant

Laetitia Dandavino-Tardif

Gallery Assistant

© La Guilde canadienne des métiers d'art

Gallery: 1356 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal (QC), H3G 1J1

Administration: 1350 Sherbrooke St. W., suite 400, Montreal (QC), H3G 1J1